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Mrs Barker (Year Leader Year 7)

Mrs Barker (Year Leader Year 7)

My name is Mrs Barker and I have the pleasure of being Head of Year 7.  I am really excited to begin my journey as year leader with this year group.  I value kindness, and I believe that we can work together as a team to build a strong, caring community.  There will be consistently high expectations for behaviour, attitude and respectfulness from all pupils across the board, in both lessons and social time.

We have a huge range of opportunities in our extra-curricular timetable, student leadership vacancies, trips and lunchtime clubs.  I encourage every pupil to be their best selves, immerse themselves in all Dysons has to offer and make new friends.  Our strong pastoral team will be behind them every step of the way to ensure they feel safe and secure.

I very much look forward to getting to know every student and their families so that we can all work together to get the best out of every pupils time at Dysons.


Mrs Goodwin (Year Leader Year 8)

Mrs Goodwin (Year Leader Year 8)

I am delighted to be taking over as the Head of Year 8 this year and I look forward to a successful year ahead for our students.  I believe that with our supportive pastoral team and strong curriculum all students can be successful. 

The tutor team this year is has mainly remained unaltered, apart from the addition of Mr Davies and Mrs Neath.  The year group also has a new Pastoral Manager, with Miss Clifford joining to support Year 8.

During tutor time the students will participate in the form-reading programme, which allows students to experience different styles of books from classic novels to science fiction.  Year 8 will also continue to work through our bespoke Character Curriculum which aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and resilience to be successful in the future.  This year the programme aims to develop the students’ leadership, team work and communication skills, as well as discussing wellbeing and safety online.

In September the students will have the opportunity to apply for leadership roles and each term the students are able to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  These are available to students as an enrichment to the curriculum, so get involved.

I am looking forward to leading the year group through the year, celebrating their successes and joining them in the exciting opportunities that lay ahead.


Miss Skinner (Year Leader Year 9)

Miss Skinner (Year Leader Year  9)

I delighted to be taking over the management of Year 9 for September 2023.

I have been a part of this team since their transition from Year 6 into Year 7. I remember taking many of them on their first tour of the school, supporting them in their first few weeks whilst they juggled the new demands of Secondary School. It has been a privilege to watch them flourish, displaying resilience and overcoming barriers they never thought possible. They have become assets to our learning community.

I will endeavour to foster that ‘team’ approach we have worked so hard to build whilst we face the new challenges of their final Key Stage 3 year. Year 9, will be a paramount year, largely due to the options process. Therefore, one of my main aims will be to support both the students and parents/carers throughout this transition. I believe in creating a ‘partnership’ approach and together we can ensure that students value this final stage of KS3, taking the time see what subjects have to offer, to make informed choices, ensuring Students attain their highest academic potential.

The tutor team will largely remain the same, except we will be welcoming Ms Kay who has been working alongside the year group for the past few months. We will continue to have high expectations of all students, meeting them in the morning to set the ‘Ready, safe and respectful’ tone to our day. As a team we will encourage all students to be present to embrace all opportunities Dyson Perrins has to offer, whether that be in the classroom, extra-curricular clubs or school trips. We would like to aim for at least 96% attendance so that all students can take full advantage of what we have to offer.

I am genuinely excited for this new academic year and please never hesitate to contact me via email: or our Pastoral Support Manager: . We would be happy to support you in any way we can.

Mr Powell (Year Leader Year 10)

Mr Powell  (Year Leader Year 10)

I am pleased to say once again I will be the Year Leader for your son/daughter in Year 10. Whilst continuing to  develop the positive relationships I have made with students and parents, a big focus this year will be getting the students to understand the importance of Key Stage 4 and what they will need to do to be successful.

The start of their Key Stage 4 journey will be pivotal in making sure the year 10 students hit the ground running, they will do this by being organised, resilient and honest. We as a pastoral team want to be there for them every step of the way but they must be willing to communicate effectively with us and we would want you as the parents to do the same when you need to contact us.

Our Year 10 team has changed this year with the addition of Mrs Barrett and Mrs Kaye, and we would like to welcome to Dysons Mrs Evans and Miss Hammond, all of whom are excited to support the Year 10’s through their studies. We are very lucky to be keeping Mrs Vipond and Miss Page as tutors. Year 10’s are fortunate that Miss Rasile continues in her role as our Pastoral Manger.

Key Stage 4 is an incredibly stressful process to go through but if we work together, parents, students and staff, I know we will get the best outcomes for our young people and give them the best opportunities possible for the future.

I look forward to catching up with most if not all of you throughout the Year, and as always if you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me 

Mrs Wickens (Year Leader Year 11)

Mrs Wickens  (Year Leader Year 11)

I am delighted to be Year Leader for Year 11 having been Head of Year for the current cohort since Year 7. I am keen to continue developing the positive relationships I have with students and parents in order to support all students. I am confident that if we can all work together they have a better chance to excel both academically and socially. 

Year 11 is a critical time in the students’ lives and our experienced team of form tutors will support their tutees and guide them through the decisions and changes faced during the year.  We have only one change with form tutors this year, where we welcome back Mrs Foster-Turner from maternity leave. As she is going to be part time there will be a different member of staff covering Monday’s. For the most part this will be either Mrs Harte or Miss Mellichap. We also welcome Mrs Bennett to our team as Year 11 Pastoral Manager. Mrs Bennett has a wealth of experience and is very familiar with all our students having worked with our year group when they were in year 7. Both Mrs Bennett and I will have an office within the Year 11 hub.

In tutor time, students will be taking part in the form-reading programme, where they will engage with a range of books that are classics, from different cultures, traditions and time periods, as well as a careful selection of important works of non-fiction. They will also continue to work through our bespoke Character Curriculum programme, which aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and competencies, distinct from their academic work, which will help them succeed in the future. Assemblies will focus on preparation and revision techniques for exams, good mental health and students’ future academic and employment destinations. In addition, we will deliver collective worship, revision and an SLT assembly every week. 

This year is extremely important for the students, with excellent attendance being a key factor for success.  It is therefore essential that students realise that any absence will require work to be caught up. In order to achieve the best results they can it may also be necessary for them to complete work in their own time and after school. For some student’s exams and coursework, take place throughout the year, therefore it is important to please check any planned absences with us. If there are any concerns during the year please contact myself or Mrs Bennett. 

I look forward to accompanying Year 11 on this journey and celebrating with them at the Year 11 Prom when their examinations are over.


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