Homework Guidance


Homework Guidance

Students develop their independent learning skills through the completion of homework. Homework is the generic name applied to independent or group work completed outside the lesson. It can take a wide variety of forms and has the potential to fulfill many functions. Homework may be set in order to ensure that students repeat, complete and embed learning or apply it in a new context. It may involve research and fresh learning that complements or extends the curriculum covered in the classroom. It may be the vehicle by which students address individual misconceptions or correct pieces of classwork. It may demonstrate the acquisition of skills as well as knowledge and also be a preparation for and contribution to a future lesson.

Consequently, the setting of homework will vary from subject to subject and within subjects throughout the year. Learning in some subjects (such as Languages and Maths) is often best supported by the completion of short tasks that follow up the lesson content. Other subjects may set extended tasks or projects that are to be completed over a number of weeks. 

Please use the links below to find out more. KS4 students should use some of the study time allocated to go over and revise topics covered on a regular basis throughout the course. They may do this by revising from their own notes, revision guides or using internet based resources.

Senior Leaders

Via line management of middle leaders, ensure that the policy is enacted. 

Year Leaders

To monitor homework diaries to ensure that they are being completed and signed and maintain an overview of the quantity and balance of homework set via Epraise in order to ensure that the loadings on students remain reasonable throughout the year. 

Subject / Department / Faculty - Leaders

  • To ensure that all staff in the department are setting and marking homework in line with the schemes of work and school policies and fulfilling their obligations as detailed above.
  • To ensure that homework tasks are appropriate and relevant and integrate effectively with the curriculum as a whole.
  • To ensure that students of all abilities are set appropriate independent learning tasks and that students performance and participation in homework are reported to parent

Homework Responsibilities - Parents

  • To check and sign the student’s homework diary, and to check Epraise.
  • To support completion of the homework by ensuring the student has adequate time and a suitable place in which to work.
  • To support students in the developing their organizational and time management skills, especially in the execution of longer project style homework.
  • To support the school systems in place for monitoring homework completion and taking actions if homework is not done. 

Homework Responsibilities - Students

  • To record homework set in their homework diary, noting the due date; and to check Epraise daily.
  • To ensure that the homework is completed in full and to the best of their ability and handed in on the due date.
  • To use allocated homework time to make corrections, respond to marking and carry out independent reading, revision of work covered or MyMaths activities if a new homework task has not been set.
  • If a problem arises that means homework cannot be completed on time, it is the student’s responsibility to seek out the teacher and ask for help and/or explain the difficulties. 

Homework Responsibilities - Tutors

  • To check and sign homework diaries weekly and acknowledge and respond to any communication from parents or direct the comment to the appropriate member of staff for a response and indicate in the diary that this has been done.
  • To have an overview of each student’s record regarding homework completion and communicate any concerns to parents.
  • To support students with the establishment of good study, revision  and time management skills 

Homework Responsibilities - Teaching Staff

  • To set homework in accordance with published timetables, ensuring that it is relevant and supports learning.
  • To mark and return homework in line with the school marking policy so that any issues can be dealt with before the student is required to move on in their learning and further apply the knowledge or skills learned.
  • To ensure that all students especially with SEN, are supported in the clear and accurate recording of their homework tasks in their planners and on Epraise, and that they understand the task set. .
  • To keep a record of homework completion and quality in order to be able to report on it to parents at progress checks and through annual reports.
  • To alert parents to a child’s failure to complete or hand in homework via a note in the homework diary, or a direct communication such as a ‘phone call or e-mail.
  • To ensure that the time allowed between the setting and handing in dates for homework is reasonable and allows all students the opportunity to have equal access to equivalent resources and for arranging to work together with others in their project group if required.
  • To recognise successful completion and quality homework with rewards in accordance with school systems.

Delivery / Quantity

Online Homework
Increasingly students are expected to make use of online revision tools and an online planner ‘Epraise’ to assist in the organization and completion of homework. Students may be required to complete homework on-line, with questions, instructions or project brief for the homework found on Epraise. There is daily access to school computers at lunchtimes and after school. Through Epraise, parents and students are able to see homework tasks that have been set, and when they are due for completion. In addition, there is often ongoing independent work that students can do in homework time if a specific task is not set. For example, students are expected to be reading books of their own choice regularly and recommended title lists are held by English teachers. The MyMaths website is available for additional independent study and has work packages suitable for students at every age and level. In year 7 students will participate in the accelerated reading scheme which aims to promote reading and literacy skills.

Homework - How much?
The school operates a 2 week timetable. A homework timetable is published for years 7-11 indicating which subject homework may be set on which day. The amount of homework per night will vary as students completing projects or extended pieces will be pacing themselves. Depending on their age, students should spend a maximum of 1 hr 20 mins (in year 7) to 2 hours (in year 11) on set homework or revision per school night. They can of course do more in following up a personal interest or doing additional research and learning. KS4 students are expected to use some of the study time allocated to go over and revise topics covered on a regular basis throughout the course. They may do this by revising from their own notes, revision guides or using internet based resources. Alongside set homework there will be ongoing learning tasks, corrections to make to marked work and reading, so it is the expectation that students do study at home each night.

Our key functions as a school are to help young people gain the skills they will need to learn throughout their lives and secure the best possible exam results. It is not our policy to set homework for the sake of it, rather to set homework to support learning and develop skills and knowledge.A student who fails to complete homework is therefore suffering detriment to their own learning and attainment. Consequences such as lunchtime and after school detentions may be applied to students who fail to complete homework, in order to help them to develop good learning habits. Students are rewarded for submitting homework promptly, with additional rewards for consistently good homework and exceptional pieces. In adopting this approach sanctions should be rarely used as students should have developed effective routines in order to regulate themselves. Teachers will alert parents to students’ failure to complete homework through grades given on progress checks or direct messages.







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