Computing & IT

Why study Computer Science?

The most important aspect of computer science is problem solving, an essential skill for life. Students study aspects of Computer Science and IT where they will design, develop and analyse software and hardware used to solve problems in a range of contexts.

Computing KS3

Computing KS4

Computer Science (9-1) – J277


Learning Cycle 1

Learning Cycle 2

Learning Cycle 3

Year 10

Unit 1.2 Memory and Storage

Unit 2.1 Algorithms

Unit 2.2 Programming Fundamentals

Unit 2.4 Boolean Logic

Unit 2.2 Programming Fundamentals

Practical Programming Skills

Unit 1.1 Systems Architecture

Unit 1.2 Memory and Storage

Unit 1.3 Computer networks, connections and protocols

Practical Programming Skills

Year 11

Unit 1.4 Network Security

Unit 1.5 Systems Software

Unit 1.6 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of digital technology 

Unit 2.3 Producing robust programs

Unit 2.5 Programming languages and Integrated Development Environments 

Practical Programming Skills Revision

Unit 2.1 Algorithms

Searching and Sorting Practical Programming Skills

Mock Exams + Theory Revision


KS4 – Imedia J807

Only YR11 left and they will be doing:-

R081 (external) – Mandatory Unit (25%) R087 (Interactive Multimedia Product) – 25%
September to Christmas (Exam January 9th 1hr 15 mins)

Coursework unit: Jan 2023 to Easter 

Deadline Easter 2023

R081: Retake option (June 2023)


KS4 – OCR Creative iMedia J834 (New Sept 2022)

This new course consists of 3 units of work, one of which is an external exam that has to be taken in the summer of YR11.

●       R093: Examination 40%

●       R094: Coursework 25%

●       R097: Coursework 35%

YR10 – September to Easter April to July

R094: Visual Identity & Digital Graphics

Mandatory coursework unit (25%)  

(submission Easter)

R097: Interactive Digital Media 

Coursework unit (35%)

YR11 – September to October half term November to May/June

R097: Interactive Digital Media

(submission October half term)

R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry External Exam R093 (40%)

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