Modern Foreign Languages

Why study a Modern Foreign Language?

At Dyson Perrins (Church of England) Academy we are aware that every student is entitled to experience success in learning and encourage them through the study of a Modern Foreign Language to ‘think of themselves as citizens of the world as well as the United Kingdom’. We create a learning environment in the classroom that motivates and encourages students to communicate, as far as possible, in the target language, and invite them to take on challenges as well as risks with their learning. We also help our students to develop their independent learning styles and build their self-esteem. Real communication is the central thread of our lessons and the teaching of grammar is considered vital to develop genuine independence in the students’ ability to express themselves. Overall, the MFL department hopes to develop their students’ all-around education and the competencies needed to enter the world of work after their full-time education. Furthermore, the increased understanding of other cultures helps students to develop greater tolerance of the wide range of people of different race, religion and background that they will encounter in our modern society. 

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview



Learning Cycle 1

Learning Cycle 2

Learning Cycle 3

Year 7

Self, family, physical descriptions and animals.

  • Personal details
  • Personality, family and pets
  • Physical appearance
  • Opinions

School and free time

  • School subjects and opinions
  • What we like doing in our free time
  • Sports, hobbies 

Home and local area

  • My town
  • House and rooms
  • Snacks and drinks, going out to the café

Year 8

Family, jobs and free time

  • Talking about our family 
  • Talking about jobs people do 
  • Where we live.
  • Talk about TV, music and film genres

Going out, fashion, foods and drinks 

  • Asking someone to go out and making excuses 
  • Shopping, clothes, fashion
  • Shopping for food
  • Going out to the restaurant, French or Spanish culture

Holidays, friends and media

  • Countries and languages
  • Talking about our friends
  • Internet and different gadgets
  • Hopes and wishes

Year 9

Identity , culture, local, national and international areas of interest

Identity , culture, local, national and international areas of interest

Identity , culture, local, national and international areas of interest


  • Describing self and others
  • Cultural events
  • Nationality and religion
  • Christmas
  • The French revolution
  • Free time activities
  • Describing how things are now and how they used to be.
  • Gender Identity and expression
  • Refugees in France
  • Travelling in time: voyage into French history
  • Describing historical figures
  • Text exploitation: excerpts from Kiffe Kiffe demain


  • Describing holidays and trips
  • Cultural events
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Christmas
  • Describing a charity event
  • Talking about climate change
  • Making a film
  • Reporting the news
  • Describing routines and events in the past
  • Family gathering and descriptions
  • Text exploitation – Don Quijote
  • Describing outings (street market)






Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

AQA GCSE : French and Spanish [Foundation or Higher]


Learning Cycle 1

Learning Cycle 2

Learning Cycle 3

Year 10

Unit 1.1: Me, my family and friends

Unit 5: Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Unit 9:  My studies

Unit 3: Free-time activities

Unit 6.2: Social issues – Healthy/unhealthy living

Unit 10:  Life at school and college

Unit 4: Customs and festivals

Unit 8: Travel and Tourism

Unit 11: Education post-16

Transition to Year 2

Unit: 1.2 Marriage and partnership

Year 11

Unit 7.1: Global issues – the environment

Unit 6.1: Social issues – charity/voluntary work

Unit 12: Jobs, career choices and ambitions

Unit 2: Technology in everyday life – Social media + mobile technology

Unit 7.2: Global issues – Poverty and homelessness

Revision and preparation for assessment


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