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MFL trip to Chateau de Mayenne

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Over half-term, 30 students in Year 9 and Year 10 embarked on a trip to the Mayenne region of France. For 5 days, they embraced the French culture and art de vivre.

On Monday morning, students had the opportunity to visit an animal refuge. In the afternoon, it was time for them to push their limits with the zip line, the archery workshop and the night line. Most of them were very brave and have faced up to their fear of heights!

In the evening, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Palmer and Mr Robinson were still full of energy and played hide and seek with the students.

Tuesday was a busy day with a visit to Fougères market, St James cemetery and the beautiful Mont Saint Michel! Students enjoyed trying saucisson at the market as well as baguettes.

Heading to St James cemetery, Mrs Griffin and Miss Chaminade had prepared the reading of a poem, Liberté by Paul Eluard, to commemorate the American soldiers who gave their lives to save Europe from the Nazis. Facing the crosses of the soldiers, each student read a verse in French and English and paid their respect to the soldiers. All the teachers were very impressed by how solemn the students were.

Finally, it was time to head to the Mont St Michel. For the whole afternoon, students enjoyed wandering around the shops and they also appreciated the beautiful view of the abbey on top of the mount. The weather was very nice and made the walk easier. In total, everybody walked an average of 22k steps!

In the evening, staff at the chateau tested students’ French knowledge with a degustation of escargots (snails), crepes and fromage. After dinner, students showed off their knowledge with a French culture quiz and they all did very well!

Wednesday was a rainy day but it did not stop our Frenchies from visiting Fougères castle. Students liked seeing reproductions of the castle in the middle ages and truly embraced history. After that, it was time for a bit of shopping at the hypermarket. Well… some of the boys had to comply with the French rules and bought some not very fashionable trunks for the swimming pool!

In the afternoon, teachers and students had a great time playing water polo. The competition was very hard and the lifeguards were watching carefully but did not need to intervene. They even recruited a little French boy to play with them.

For the last evening, Miss Chaminade entertained all of our students with French dances and traditions. A ceremony where certificates were presented to the students was held to close this fantastic trip.

Finally, on Thursday morning, it was time to go back to England. It was sad but students were all tired (and so were the teachers!) They stopped for a rainy picnic (still very enjoyable) before napping for the rest of the journey back home. The French police officers commended them for their behaviour and their use of French greetings.

A big thank you to Mrs Griffin, Miss Chaminade, Mrs Palmer and Mr Robinson for organising this fantastic trip.







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