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Hay Festival of Literature & Arts

Monday, June 17, 2024


Year 7 members of Bunny Book Club recently had the opportunity to spend the day at Hay Festival. Whilst there they listened to Phil Earle, best selling author of 'Until the Road Ends', speaking about his new novel 'Northern Soul'. Following his book signing, Phil very kindly gave several of our students signed posters, and even donated his famous Hay Festival paper flower to Chloe in Y7!

Here are some of our students' reviews of the day:

Chloe Bowyer

I really loved going to Hay Festival.  It was a bit of a long drive but it was really worth it as Phil Earle, the author that we were seeing, was super funny and it turns out he has an addiction to Frazzles!  We also went to his book signing and we got tons of freebies like signed posters and bookmarks!  We also went round the festival to look at the gift shop and there was this really cool badge that said ‘Hay Festival Reader’ which totally made my day.  It was probably the best school trip ever.

Evie Garfield

What did I think of Hay Festival?  Good question.  It was amazing!  First of all it was free and second of all we got to spend a whole day just talking about BOOKS.  Phil Earle is a really funny and kind hearted person who has a really big obsession with Frazzles.  He even included a song he wrote when was a teenager in his book Northern Soul!  I mean how great is that.  I absolutely loved my day at Hay!

Harley Harrington

Hay Festival was amazing and I enjoyed it.

Alexis Carroll

Hay Festival was worth it and very enjoyable.  The staff were adorable, along with Phil Earle.  He appreciated small book clubs, and was very upbeat and kind.  The lay out was a touch bit confusing but you can find your way round with land marks.  It was very popular, and the shop had small Knick-knacks, which was quite cool.  The items included rubbers, pencils, and badges.  They had places for food, including ice cream.  There were places to sit and relax and eat lunch.

Logan Morgans, Y7

It was an amazing trip.  I had fun talking to Phil Earle and climbing the Hay sign.  I had fun buying a lot of ice cream.

Anusha Jackson

Hay was an amazing experience and Phil Earle was so funny.  He is an amazing author and writes great books.  He is so kind and a fun guy with a great childhood and background story.  He shared his addiction for Frazzles and how he was originally going to be a footballer and had no interest in books.  He was so nice about signing all our pictures and books and we had so much fun spending time with him.  I loved his sense of humour and we love the time he spent to make our day amazing.



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