Sixth Form Council


Sixth Form Council

Our Sixth Form Council is made up of a group of sixth form students who feel passionate about Dyson Perrins and motivated to make a difference in school life.

We are dedicated to improving the school with our ideas and your ideas. We have raised vital money to fund Sixth Form improvements, organised team-building sport opportunities, and made improvements to our Sixth Form common room. We really need your opinions on how you think the school (not just the Sixth Form) can be improved. We look forward to hearing and acting on your ideas.

Prefect Co-ordinator

Paige Pollard

Hello, my name is Paige and I am the Prefect Coordinator at Dyson Perrins. I am in Year 12 and I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and French. I am currently hoping to study Maths at university. My job is to oversee the Prefects, including creating a rota for them, providing training, and dealing with any problems that may arise. Through this, we are trying to create an even better atmosphere within our school, and provide students with the opportunities to increase their confidence and shape them into leaders.

I myself was a Senior Prefect for two years, so I have first-hand knowledge of how challenging the job is and how they can make the most of it.

Epraise Co-ordinator

Josh Richardson-Noyes

Events Manager

Grace Nethaway

I am in Year 12 and currently studying Biology, Geography and English Literature at A level. Following on from Sixth Form, I am looking to pursue Politics and International Relations at University. Within the Sixth Form I help to plan and organise key events- such as the Leaver’s Ball and charity events throughout the year. I really enjoy studying at Dyson Perrins as there is a very friendly atmosphere within the Sixth Form.

Year 7 Co-ordinator

Amy-Beth Fredericks

Hello, my name is Amy-Beth and I am currently the Year 7 Coordinator at Dyson Perrins. I am in my first year of A-level and I am studying Psychology, Biology and Geography. In my future, I hope to join the RAF and I would love to travel the world and meet a variety of new people. My job as a Year 7 Coordinator, involves looking after all of the Year 7s throughout their transition into Dysons and up through the year until they move up into Year 8.

I am currently working with a small group of Year 7s to build their confidence, though group activities, mini presentations on their life, and general talks where they can discuss their feelings and any problems that they may have, in or out of school. Alongside this I also go around the Year 7 Forms, asking them about any accomplishments and achievements they may have and would want to display on an achievement board in the School.

I am constantly trying to create new ideas which I believe will greatly benefit the Year 7s and will improve their school life here at Dyson Perrins.

Head Girl

Frances Green

Hi, my name is Frances Green and I am the Head Girl of Dyson Perrins. In this role I essentially help to run all the student leadership programs such as School Council and Sixth Form Council. I also help organise the school Newsletter which is written and edited by students, and represent the school at public events such as the Remembrance Day service.

Currently, I am working with the School Council to improve some of the facilities in the school and also improve some of the systems in place for homework, etc. Specifically within the Sixth Form, we have been fundraising and are now looking at how we can spend the money raised to improve the Sixth Form areas and facilities. This role provides an excellent opportunity to work with students to help improve our school even further and also allows me to represent the school within the community, showcasing to others how brilliant our school is.

Dyson Perrins is an amazing school and Sixth Form as it is fairly small and easy to build up good relationships with teachers which allows students to grow and get the best support during their time here. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Philosophy & Ethics at A-Level with a view to studying Medicine at university.

I look forward to continuing to support the improvement of the school and Sixth Form whilst in this role.

Head Boy

Thomas Scott

Hello. My name is Thomas Scott and I am Head Boy at Dyson Perrins CofE Academy. I help to run the student leadership meetings, such as the Sixth Form Council and School Council. I also help with the production of the school newsletter. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science. In the future, I hope to study Maths further at university and then progress into a career in this subject.

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